L Shaped Kitchens

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Perfect For Open Plan Living

It’s one of the most economical kitchen configurations for a modern home. This layout opens up the centre area with appliances and cabinets being installed along right angled walls.

Many modern homes have open plan living and an L shaped kitchen is ideal for this. Because it opens up the whole area by only using two walls.


L Shaped Kitchen Design

The L shape kitchen design lends itself perfectly to the ‘working triangle’. That is, the distance between the stove, fridge and sink. Since you don’t have to walk far to reach the three zones it make food preparation efficient. An L shaped layout works best if you have small to medium sized space to work with.


Free Flowing Traffic

Usually having two open ends, traffic can flow freely through an L shaped kitchen. As a result, entertaining can be less stressful because of less traffic jams.

L Shaped Kitchen Designs Melbourne

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